Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another surprise coming your way! (Its a giveaway!)

Long time no post! I've been really busy lately with all sorts of stuff. Mostly good, some not so good, but things seem to be settling down a bit -- well, enough for me to go sniffing around my gelli plate and playing just a wee bit (that was in honor of St. Patrick's Day!) Prints to follow -- but first -- 

iStencils and I are partnering to do a giveaway! I recently exceeded both my personal goals for subscribers to my YouTube Channel (200+) and my blog (100+) and decided to do a giveaway. What I haven't decided is how to choose a winner. I have decided that the winner will be chosen from those of you who are signed up to follow both my blog and my YouTube Channel. I've never done one of these before. Still working out the process. Not to worry, I'll come up with something and very soon. Now -- what to giveaway??? That's the question! iStencils has graciously offered to sponsor my giveaway and they are sending me some of my favorites stencils to share with the lucky winner. As for my part, I'm leaning toward a pack of my gelli notecards and matching envelopes, and maybe a tube or two of my favorite Pebeo paints as my part of the giveaway. More to come so please stay tuned! 

Now, onto my printing madness from the other night! You'll notice I was on a turquoise/orange/brown kick, one of my favorite color combinations. Here we go:


 Can you say Pebeo shimmer??? 


 This is one that got away from me and went from really nice to way too busy. So I added that pop of black, now I think its much more pleasing to the eye -- at least to my eye! 

 I got a couple new crackle pattern stencils and LOVE them. I was going for a pop of shimmer instead of a pop of black on this one since I had some dark brown already in the print.

This started out as one of my clean up papers, but ended up one of my favorites after I cleaned off the remaining black paint on my Mayan Calendar stencil.

What can I say - orange and turquoise, Pebeo shimmer, and a pop of black! Yum!  

 Lovin' that crackle! 

 Another one that went a little crazy, but better with the black reverse print. 

Another clean up paper that survived! 

I hope you enjoyed this flurry of color - and hoping this is the last flurry of the season since today is the LAST day of winter! YAY! 

Please remember to join my blog if you haven't already and subscribe to my YouTube Channel. I will be picking the winner of my giveaway from those that are signed up for both! 

Happy crafting! 


Friday, March 8, 2013

Another Piece of the Puzzle Revealed!

Oh the pressure! You guys are really trying to make me break down and tell all! I can say that the next bit I can tell you is that iStencils is giving me my own coupon code to offer to all my blog followers and those that also watch my YouTube demo videos! How flippin' cool is that??? 

So I still can't tell you how much it will be, but its a nice one! AND, it will be active for THREE WEEKS, starting as soon as my next iStencil demo video airs! 

Check out my latest video about this announcement!





So stay tuned! It won't be long now!!! 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'm Such a Tease!!!

I know, I know! I hate to be teased too, but I really can't give out any details just yet. Suffice it to say that an exciting announcement will be made public when my next demo video using iStencils with my Gelli Plate airs on YouTube. I expect this will be sometime within the next several days. 

If you love stencils as much as I do, you won't to miss out on this fabulous offer. Uh oh -- Offer? Did I say offer??? Oops, that just slipped out!!!! Announcement! I meant to say announcement! 

Please stay tuned - it won't be long now! 

If you're not yet a subscriber to my YouTube channel, its Patti Parrish.