Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Current Addiction -- Polymer Clay Tiled Anything!

This is all Laurie Mika's fault! I took one of her classes at The Queen's Ink then realized that I was given her book as a gift a few years prior. OMG - how did I miss all this goodness for 3 years? I found the book after it was mentioned in class and came right home and dug thru the book pile and haven't put it down since. Mixed Media Mosaics! Do yourself a favor and check out this book. 

Here are some of my recent creations using Laurie's techniques. This one is my first larger box. Its a blank canvas box about 7" square. I'm on the search for more of these boxes but no luck so far. 

This one is a I put together on the fly. No particular theme or palette in mind. Sometimes that's the best way to go. 

This box was a commissioned piece for a male friend, hence the more masculine colors. He wanted a box for papers to keep on his counter. I really, really love the way this one came out. (I wonder if he'll ever see it???)

My next box will be a wine theme for a friend/customer. (I wonder if he'll ever see that one? Sorry Jim!) lol 

More to come so stay tuned! 

Happy Arting,