Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Catching Up for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hi everyone!!! Yes, I'm still alive. I really need to hit the lottery so that I can retire and do this art stuff full time. Working full time is really getting in the way of my fun stuff! I am thrilled to have a job that I love, so not really complaining as much as wishing for more hours in the day. Alas, until I acquire a taste for cat food, I will not be retiring any time soon. Its very difficult for me to keep up with my blog posts as well as YouTube videos and the editing that goes with it, not to mention the upload time, Ustreams, my Inky Obsessions FaceBook page and just plain old art. 

And let's not forget that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Most of you probably know that in October of 2006 I was VERY aware! That's when I was diagnosed. For those of you who don't know my story, check out my YouTube video and please do feel free to share it with anyone you know who you think may benefit from watching. 

So now on to some art fun: 

 This is another Moleskine that I covered with some gelli tape. This was a whole sheet of tape that I used from a roll of clear laminate by Duck brand that I found in Staples. Front cover.

 Back cover. 

I pulled out my alcohol inks one night then got hooked on using them on ceramic tiles -- road trip to Home Depot. You can get the plain white tiles really inexpensively, like $.10 - $.16 a piece. I can't stop making these tiles. I think while Dave is away on his last golf trip of the year I may just tile his side of the garage! Ha! 

 One of my favorites, I love those tiny bubbly bits in the center, and no clue how it happened! 

 I started adding in some of my epoxy stickers from Finnebair's collection with Prima to see how they'd look. I get mine locally at The Queen's Ink. They give a raised 3D texture and a little optical change with some slight magnification. When I sprayed these with Rustoleum crystal clear sealer, I covered the epoxy stickers with a mask since the spray made them sort of blurry after it dried. 

 Another favorite and another happy accident. I was adding Snow Cap alcohol ink and using a can of air to spray it around. I really like the effects I got. 

Another epoxy sticker. I added raspberry alcohol ink to the top of this one.

 I started playing with rubber stamps as a surface treatment. This one is a french script background stamp using a Brilliance white permanent ink pad in Moonlight White. LOVE!!!  

 This was made with only two colors of alcohol ink -- pitch black and wild plum. If I didn't know that I wouldn't believe it. 

 This was one of the larger tiles I bought and honestly looks better in person. It has a real 3D effect and you can see depth in the inks and the way I pushed them around with the side of a drinking straw. 

 Another fav! Wait - how many favorites can one person really have??? Well, I loved this one so much I had a personalize iPhone case made using this pic...

Yes, I said LOVE! Check out to make one using one of your personal pics. 

 Another rubber stamp with archival ink. This is tricky because the archival inks react to the alcohol inks when the archival is still wet. 

 Another happy accident! 

 A white scroll stamp on one that sort of came out looking like bamboo branches. Well, you can see the bamboo effect if its held in a portrait orientation!

 This is a combination of my favorite colors and an epoxy sticker over the silver ink moon with the white ink pad using the music stamp. 

 Now this one -- really, its one of my favorites! I did this one while on Ustream and it came out so cool. I've tried to duplicate it - FAIL! The ones I tried to duplicate are ok, but not near as cool as this one. It was a tough one deciding if this would be my iPhone case or the other one. 

 It has this wispy ghostly effect that is so cool. 

 You can see on this one where the alcohol was eating away at the wet archival ink where it looks splotchy. 

 Black and white ink on this one. 

 Teal Staz On ink on this one. 

 This is one that I did trying to duplicate the black one above. 

 So is this one. They are ok, but just not as WOW as the other one, IMHO!

Something else I've been trying to play with was inspired by watching YouTube videos by Contadina K. You really need to check her out. I love her hot glue technique. Here's my attempt... 

 This was on a gesso'd canvas, then hot glue, then more gesso, then tons of spray inks, mostly Lindy's Stamp Gang inks. Then I added some 3D pastes and gels by Viva Decor thru stencils and some Treasure Gold in White Fire on the hot glue bits to make it pop. I really like how this one came out.  


(I really hate to tease everyone, but I really can't give any details just yet), I will have a huge announcement coming soon. I've beside myself excited and promise to share as soon as I'm able. YAY!!! HUGE!!! 

And do save your shekels for an upcoming iStencils sale! I'm not sure of the date, but I'll let everyone know through every possible means. I understand it will be a good one too! ;o) So be sure to join my Inky Obsessions FaceBook page, as well as my YouTube channel (Patti Parrish) and Ustream (InkyObsessions) so you don't miss out. 

Hope you enjoyed my post and don't forget to get those mammograms!!! 


Happy Arting, 



  1. wow - these are all GORGEOUS! especially loving what you did with the french script stamp! i really want to play with some tiles and alcohol inks...

    1. They are my favs too Susie. Give it a try and have fun!

  2. Great work Patti! Now I have to make a stop and get some tiles!!! But that canvas is really speaking to me...I always wish those people out there that say they are BORED that we could acquire their time on earth! Maybe we would finally get done all that we want to do!.

    1. I'm with you on that one. I recently asked someone that was bored what would they do if money or location or anything else wasn't an obstacle, what would you want to try or see or do. She said nothing really. I'm content the way I am. If I ever say that -- please ask someone to shoot me!!!

  3. Beautifyl designs, colors, and accents Patti! Looking forward to hearing your news.
    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  4. You're too funny Patti! Love it! Love all your tiles! I think the duplicate black and white ones were successful, just different than the first. Would you recommend stamping with permanent ink after the alcohol inks have dried? Have you tried that?

    1. Yes, I let the alcohol inks dry, then I stamp with permanent ink, but the alcohol still has some reaction to the permanent ink.

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  6. I was about to order some more stencils but I hope I can wait! And I hope I know when you have your promotion. Love your tiles! I love working with alcohol inks and this is a good way to do it. How do you use them once you have them sealed? Coasters, small artworks????

  7. Hi Mo. I've brought some to work and have them sitting around the perimeter to brighten up that space a little. I've also threatened to tile my husband's side of the garage! No clue what I'll do with the rest and with others I'm sure to make.

    1. Can they also be used as trivets, or would heat break down the sealant? Thanks! They’re beautiful!

  8. Hi Patti! These are so beautiful!! What colors did you use for the b&w ghostly one? It's stunning! Just ordered the white stamp - love the effect that made.

    I'm also a survivor (4 years) with an amazing husband. Your story is inspiring. You go sista! ((Hugs))

  9. Love your blog! Trying to learn how to stamp on Al Ink. Must ask...what sealant do you use? Such nice work. Really enjoyed it. Just starting out with my blog...hope it can be as good as yours.

    1. Hi Kaye, Sorry for the late reply, I've been away. I love playing with AIs. I've been using a Rustoleum Clear spray to seal the ones I've made so far. Please send me a link to your blog once you get it up and running. Thanks Kaye.

  10. I can't decide which one is my favorite!! :))

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  12. Your tiles and gelli work are so lovely. It is 1 am and I am still looking!!! lol

  13. How do you seal the inks on the tiles/canvas?

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