Sunday, November 2, 2014

iStencils Coupon Code CPS20 Valid Thru 5 Nov 2014

Stencil lovers -- don't miss out on this amazing sale offered by iStencils in celebration of my article being published in Cloth Paper Scissors this month. Here's the deal: 
  •      Use Coupon Code CPS20
  •      Get 20% off your entire cart -- not just my Patti Parrish designs, but any of the 3,000+ designs on the entire iStencils site
  •      Get a FREE 8x10 Exclusive PTP Stencil with a $25 purchase (before discount) - see design below
  •      Valid thru Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Get'em while their hot!!!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I'm Published!!! Cloth Paper Scissors Nov/Dec 2014 & ReMe Retreat

I'm so excited! I've been published in the Nov/Dec 2014 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors -- my personal favorite magazine! My Gelli JumpStart Journals is the project I submitted. Since I already do YouTube videos, I thought it would be nice for all you visual learners to actually 'see' the project instead of just reading about it in the magazine. To that end, I've done a series of YouTube videos demoing my process for the Gelli JumpStart Journals. There are four videos in total on this project, but you can start here with the introduction and supply list. Hope you enjoy seeing in addition to reading! 

October has been an extremely busy month for me. As you know I work full time, I took off to attend Art & Soul in Virginia Beach in early October, then I was away for one weekend, then I traveled to Ocracoke Island, NC to attend the ReMe Retreat with Jodi Ohl, Jean Skipper, and Penny Arrowood. Just got back from my 10 hour drive Saturday and we're ramping up to leave for our annual sales conference for my day job in Boca in early November. After the Florida trip, I think I'll be in one place long enough to get my thoughts in order and reorganize my studio. But wait, there's those little things coming up called the holidays -- so maybe not just yet, but I know it will happen at some point. If anyone has a proven formula of how I can clone myself, please let me know. 

More about the fabulous, and I mean FABULOUS ReMe Retreat. If you love art classes and if you are looking for a true RETREAT -- this is your answer. Most events called retreats that I've attended are simply art classes for 5 days or so at a venue. ReMe has put the retreat back into art retreats. These fabulous women have made it their mission to create such a wonderful experience for 8 lucky artists to join them in a very cool historic home on Ocracoke Island. They bring along a den mother who did all the cooking (fabulous hot breakfasts, warm baked snacks, filling lunches, cocktail hours with appetizers, and luscious dinners, followed by homemade desserts). From the minute you arrive, you are pampered and taken care of, from carrying in all your bags, to any need you have for special diets, errands, to repacking all your goodies, you feel welcome from the minute you arrive and it doesn't leave you even after you are back home. You still can feel the good energy and laughter you shared with the whole group. Please do check out the blogs of the women artists of ReMe and consider signing up for a true art retreat: 

Some of my pics from my stay at ReMe starting with the decorated porch, the inside of the house, and our nightly sunset rituals (with cocktails of course!)... 

Happy Arting! 


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Current Addiction -- Polymer Clay Tiled Anything!

This is all Laurie Mika's fault! I took one of her classes at The Queen's Ink then realized that I was given her book as a gift a few years prior. OMG - how did I miss all this goodness for 3 years? I found the book after it was mentioned in class and came right home and dug thru the book pile and haven't put it down since. Mixed Media Mosaics! Do yourself a favor and check out this book. 

Here are some of my recent creations using Laurie's techniques. This one is my first larger box. Its a blank canvas box about 7" square. I'm on the search for more of these boxes but no luck so far. 

This one is a I put together on the fly. No particular theme or palette in mind. Sometimes that's the best way to go. 

This box was a commissioned piece for a male friend, hence the more masculine colors. He wanted a box for papers to keep on his counter. I really, really love the way this one came out. (I wonder if he'll ever see it???)

My next box will be a wine theme for a friend/customer. (I wonder if he'll ever see that one? Sorry Jim!) lol 

More to come so stay tuned! 

Happy Arting, 


Monday, August 25, 2014

GROUP Ustreams -- Say What???

Hi All, 

I've been a very busy girl. I should be shunned from the blog world! But I do have some news and I'll include a few pics of some of my latest projects for now. 

Mark your calendars for something new with my Ustream Channel! 

Saturday 13 September @ 11AM EDT will be my first GROUP stream! My good friends and artists Ellen Smith Vargo and Donna Walsh will be joining me LIVE. We will be co-creating and taking turns doing demos, answering your questions, and sharing our favorite products and resources. But beware -- our usual banter will be going on in the background, so who knows what will happen! If this is well received, we plan to make this a recurring event. We also have a few more art friends that we may rope into playing along with us once we work out the kinks.

If you are signed up to follow my Ustream channel, you'll have already received a notice of the event via email. If you are not yet signed up and would like to join in the fun, click this link and 'follow' me.

Stay tuned -- lots more fun to come!!!

Here are some pics of some of my latest projects. So sorry but I'll have to post more details about the projects at another time, but if you have a specific question about anything, please leave a note and I'll be sure to get back to you asap. 

My newest obsession -- Polymer Clay Tiles -- thanks to Laurie Mika:

I've also been making some collages and cutting them into ATC's to send along with orders from my Etsy shop

This is a canvas I made for my Oncologist's office after taking Jodi Ohl's Angels class at Create in New Jersey: 

And a commissioned piece for one of Dave's golf buddies -- this is his 5th canvas I've made for him: 

Happy Arting!