Friday, May 13, 2016

Dang! No April Blog Post -- But Here's A Little Something For May!

Hello Art Peeps, 

Well, my intentions were good for my New Year's Resolution of posting every month, but April kind of got away from me! Crazy busy at work and at home. Quick post tonight, just showing a couple things I've done recently that I haven't yet posted. April was so busy there were weeks that went by that I didn't even get a chance to get into my studio to play. That is NOT good! Hoping May is much better! 

You may remember that I painted my Midori Traveler's Notebook some time ago. Then I decided to paint a pair of Dansko clogs the same way. This is my favorite color palette as many of you probably know. So I also decided to paint a Dylusions Journal cover to match. 

Here's my first (and only) journal page in this book. I have been going to Weight Watchers since early January and I was documenting my weight loss to the point where I did this page at 21.8 lbs. I'm happy to announce that as of today, I'm down 29.4 lbs. I was sort of wavering thru the busy times in April and bounced up and down a bit and didn't make as much progress as I'd hope, but I'm very pleased all in all with my numbers. Besides the weight loss, my bloodwork numbers are way down and really looking better than they have for years, so I'm thrilled about that. Hoping to get them down to where I can get off some of these darned meds I take. 

I streamed last Sunday and did a collage I but down into ATCs. I just love the way these little works of art turn out when you cut up the larger collage. I use these as a little thank you note for my customers that purchase items from my Etsy Shop Inky Obsessions. Ustream seems to be giving everyone problems and I've not been able to upload my recordings to YouTube for my last two streams. Very frustrating because there's no one to call and speak to at Ustream to figure it out unless you are on the professional level of service and pay for streaming monthly. However, all is not lost. If you missed the live broadcasts and would like to view the recordings, you can do that by visiting my Ustream channel page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see all my recent recordings. 

I'm planning to stream live this Sunday morning, a little earlier than I usually stream, hoping to start at 10AM EST. Its been raining here daily for almost three weeks and calling for a break in the weather Sunday, so we're hoping to get the lawn mowed. Its never been as high as it is now and will be quite a job for sure. Hope to see you on the stream! Until then...

Happy Arting! 



  1. I wondered where you've been! I usually have to watch after the fact and hadn't seen any youtube videos for a while. I see there's a new one of paper clay tiles that I plan to watch this weekend. Just wanted to say hi and glad to see a video and blog post!! :)

  2. Fabulous art Patti, & congrats on the weight loss! I'm down nearly 3 stone after cutting out flour and sugar last October. The easiest diet I've ever tried, lost my sweet tooth! :-)
    Alison x

  3. I love your art, Patti, and your videos! I really appreciate all the little things I learn from watching you, so thank you for putting yourself out there like you do. I heard you mention in one of your videos something about how you painted your danskos and haven't worn them since...OhPatti - they turned out so doggone cute! Are you kidding me? Wear them!! And you have a journal to match! You are the coolest! What kind of paint did you use? I think I have a very plain pair of danskos in my closet...I would totally do that!

    1. Hey Sue. I first painted my Dansko's with some metal patina paint and wasn't wild about how they turned out. Then I painted over them as show above and I love them. The problem is that the paint started to crack as I was walking around the first day I wore them. I used Goldens Fluid acrylics. I've since learned about a leather paint and ordered some of that. Hoping to sand them down and repaint with the leather paint and hope the movement when I walk doesn't do the same thing.

  4. fabulous art projects Patti! LOVE those clogs :)

    1. Thanks Tindaloo! I need to repaint them though, they cracked the first time I wore them and started to peel. Need to sand them and repaint with leather paint I found. One of my next streams!

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  7. You are such an inspiration to me! I am preparing a beginner class on the Gelli Plate for a couple Art Conventions! I have so many ideas rolling around in my head! It is hard to chose!

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