Monday, May 13, 2013

Did someone say GIVEAWAY???

Hello to all! 

Its been so busy lately I haven't had the chance to break out my gelli plate in a couple weeks! What's up with that??? The reasons are mostly good. I was away the last weekend of April attending Art & Soul Retreat in Virginia Beach. We had a great time and learned some really fun stuff. Work has been really busy too -- yes, I have a real job! Thank God - that's the only way I can feed my art habit! Plus, I'll be traveling for work four times over the next 7 weeks. That leaves me very limited time to make a new video or create something worth posting about. Sooooo, I thought -- self -- what could I do on the road that won't take me much time but would still benefit my blog followers and my YouTube subbies??? Then I heard that voice in the back of my head say -- DO ANOTHER GIVEAWAY YOU IDIOT! Well, Oprah has always said to listen to that little voice, so guess I'd better do just that! 

Cheri from iStencils was very generous with the stencils she sent me last time when we introduced our last coupon code and some of her new 3D designs.  In fact, she sent me doubles of all the new designs. Now I am a big ole stencil-ho, but I really need duplicates??? One could argue that either way, but I thought I'd be nice and share with my peeps!

Here's how this one will work -- you will need to join my blog AND leave me a comment on this post telling me why you simply cannot live without some new iStencils (AND, it wouldn't hurt your chances to be a subbie on my YouTube Channel, although, that's not a requirement this time). Including YouTube was a lot of work the last go round! Its much easier to work the giveaways from my blog where I actually see all my members on the back end of my account - learned that one the hard way! But remember, I'm really not all that smart! I think I have 8 duplicate iStencils, so I'm thinking more than one winner??? Let's say two winners will get 4 stencils each! AND the most unique, outrageous, and clever comments will be the winners! I won't judge this alone, I'll rope in a couple friends to put in their two cents as well. 

The Mojo25 coupon code was a huge success for iStencils. I'm so happy so many of you were able to take advantage of such a great offer. I'm sure there will be another one sometime in the near future. 

The giveaway entry fun will begin when you see this post published and shared on FaceBook. I'll be traveling starting Saturday, so I'll probably announce the winner sometime over the Memorial Day weekend. That's the last weekend of May for you all that live out of the US. 

So goodbye for now from Chicago! 

Good luck!