Thursday, February 18, 2016

NEW iStencils Designs & Coupon Code ROUND20

Hello everyone,

Finally, my new designs are ready! I've concentrated on 8" round stencil designs this time in honor of the 8" round Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plates. Of course as with all stencils of any size you can use these in anyway you'd use any other stencils. Some very versatile and cool new designs for you to check out. I'm also releasing two new 8 x 10 masks. 

Stop by my Ustream broadcast Thursday 18 February at 9PM EST for a demo of the new designs. I will also be streaming:

  •      Friday 19 Feb @ 5PM EST
  •      Saturday 20 Feb @ 10AM EST
  •      Sunday 21 Feb @ 12PM EST

The coupon code for this release is ROUND20. This includes: 

  • 20% off the entire iStencils website (well over 3,000 designs)
  • FREE 8" Round exclusive PTP stencil with $25 purchase that includes at least one other PTP design
  • FREE Domestic shipping with purchase of over $50
  • Coupon Code is good from Thursday, 18 Feb thru Monday, 22 Feb
Here's a pic of the FREE 8" Exclusive:


Happy Arting, 


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Polymer Clay Tiled Birdhouse & Painted Midori Travelers Notebook

Hello everyone!

Just a quick share of a project I did live on Ustream last Sunday. The video is now up on YouTube if you'd like to watch it. I really like the way it came out. I've had this birdhouse sitting on a nightstand in our guest room for years. I was in that room the other day and it caught my eye and I thought - roof - flat surface -- polymer clay tile that bad boy! I mixed up some acrylic paints that matched the color of the birdhouse exactly, then made a batch of tiles especially for this project including some of the orange and purple ones you see. These were all made with white Sculpey III clay that I rolled out, stamped with rubber stamps, cut into tiles, painted , then wiped back some of the paint to expose the texture of the stamped design. They were baked after I wiped back the paint. Here are some pics of the final outcome: 

I also wanted to share what I did with my Midori Travelers Notebook. I got swept into the travelers notebook craze a coupe years ago and went right for the original - Midori. I got the brown one but never really adapted it into my daily life. It seemed clunky to carry around with me and I lost interest. But I keep seeing so many people who can't seem to live without their travelers notebooks, that I thought I'd try to breath some new life into my abandoned notebook. I threw a little acrylic paint and some gesso and ink at it and used my Pictograph and Outback iStencils to add some layers. Now I LOVE IT! 

Speaking of iStencils (what a segway!) -- stay tuned for my new release of 8" round iStencils created with the 8" round Gelli Plate in mind. They of course can be used for any application you would use any stencils for, but are really great for the round gelli plates. I've also got two new masks which are really versatile and fun. The release will be accompanied by a coupon code so don't miss out on this sale for the entire iStencils website. I'll be streaming daily during the sale dates and demoing all the new designs along with some previous designs and how they play off one another. So stay tuned for the exact dates and get your coupon code for some great savings! 

Happy Arting, 


Friday, February 5, 2016

Artfoamies Meet the Gelli Plate and Upcoming iStencils Sale

Hello again! I'm back as promised, so far so good with my New Year's resolution to post at least once a month on my blog! Yay me! 

We are closing in on a date for my next iStencils release! This will come with a discount coupon code or all my viewers and subscribers to take advantage of the entire iStencils website, well over 3,000 designs! My focus on this launch is a new series made especially for the 8" round gelli plate. Of course they can be used on any of the gelli plates or for any other application you would use any stencils for, these just happen to fit the 8" round perfectly. I've also come out with a couple mixed media masks which is pretty exciting. This may happen as early as next weekend, so stay tuned. I'll announce the timing as soon as we confirm the sale dates here on my blog as well as Facebook and Twitter. This is a good time to take advantage of a great sale that only comes around a few times a year. So stay tuned so you don't miss out. 

I streamed last Sunday and focused on playing with some new Artfoamie stamps. These stamps are even better than I imagined they would be. Really crisp images and they hold acrylic paint so well you can get multiple prints out of one 'inking'. They are great on the gelli plate too. Check out my YouTube video that I uploaded from the live Ustream broadcast. Here are some pics of my favorite gelli prints from this session:

This is a close up of some really yummy crusty bits on deli paper that I used to pick up a ghost print, then used Daddy Van's All Natural Beeswax Furniture Polish to make the deli paper translucent. This is great for collage fodder. Check out Shannon Green's recent video demo of Daddy Van's, which includes a coupon code for her viewers to get a great discount on your next purchase of Daddy Van's. 

 This is a ghost print using one of the feather artfoamies. 

 Love this patina print of the feather artfoamies. 

 This was one of my stamping off deli papers where I stamped the excess paint the artfoamies were picking up off my gelli plate. 

 My favorite print of the day -- patina print with the Julie Fei Fan Balzer Artfoamie stamp of numbers. 

A cool clean up print from the paint leftover from the patina print shown above.

This was a ghost print using one of Julie Fei Fan Balzer border artfoamies with some Pebeo Studio Acrylic DYNA Color Iridescent paint in Green/Yellow. YUM! 

 This was another ghost pulled on black bond paper. Really makes the Pebeo's pop. 

First pull on deli with multiple impressions of Julie's border stamp. I love the blend of the Pebeo Green/Yellow with their Oriental Purple. Makes a pretty pinky bronze color where they meet. 

 Stamping off on deli, love these feather stamps. 

 Look what a crisp image you can get with these stamps. This was a piece of deli I was using to stamp off the excess paint when making the print shown above this one. Nothing is a waste when you can get images like this. 

I'm planning to stream live again this Sunday around Noon Eastern, so check out my Ustream channel to be alerted when I schedule an event or go live at any time. Once you get to my channel, just click 'follow' and you will be alerted when there is any activity. Join us live and participate in the chat with lots of other artists of all levels as we laugh, learn, and share information about new products and resources. 

Happy Arting!