Wednesday, November 28, 2012

OK, let's give this a whirl! A little about me...

Since i was a child, I've always wanted to be an 'artist'. But what is an artist? An artist draws...I could never draw a crooked line. An artist paints still life...I couldn't paint still life. But I kept trying different things, different mediums, searching for my inner artist. I loved glass jewelry and glass art, so I became a Lampworker. But I wanted something more...something I could really sink my teeth into. I was watching some videos on YouTube last year and stumbled across a video of Dyan Reaveley using her Dylusions spray inks at a CHA demo. The next day, I got an email from my local mixed media shop, The Queen's Ink in Savage, MD about upcoming classes with ... guess who ... Dyan Reaveley. I was in Atlanta on a business trip and called the Queen to sign up for all of Dyan's classes right away. During my first class I was talking with Dyan about being a Lampworker. She said "sell your torch, once you play with this stuff you'll be addicted". Well, I didn't sell my torch, but her addiction prediction was spot on. And so my journey into the land of inky fingers began. I hope you enjoy the fun and joy I hope to share in my blog. I AM AN ARTIST!!!

My dear friend Ellen Vargo encouraged me to start my own blog, so here I am! Check out Ellen's blog at ten thirty-six arts and crafts.

I plan to share some of the projects I've been working on, some of my favorite products (I'm a sucker for new toys!), and show you how I get to my end results. So please be patient as I learn to blog as I go and I'll be posting again very soon!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I LOVE IT! I'm so happy that you're joining in the fun in the blogosphere! I know you're work will be a HIT! Love your Gelli Arts background! Hugs to you... Ellen x

  2. Welcome...welcome! Ellen sent me and I'm thrilled that she did ;)

  3. Thanks so much ladies! Having a blast so far but still trying to get on the other side of the learning curve! Thanks for being here!