Monday, May 5, 2014

Did You Know I Have an Etsy Shop???

You didn't know??? Well if you didn't know, I'm telling you now! I HAVE AN ETSY SHOP! Its Inky Obsessions on Etsy. I sell some of my art pieces here as well as some pieces I've had made using my original artwork, like neoprene wine totes and iPhone cases. Here are some pics of some of the items I have in my shop today: 

Here are a few of the neoprene wine totes. Not a wine drinker? (I can't believe I actually just asked that question...but) If you're not, this holds a large bottle of water or soft drinks as well and keeps them cool. Great girlfriend gifts, Mother's Day gifts, Hostess gifts, or a little something pretty for yourself. If you follow me, you'll probably remember the pieces of art or painted papers that I used to make these totes...

My handmade Gelli Notecards and Matching Envelopes are very popular too. These packs of 6 each are handy to have around the house for a quick Thank You note or for a gift as well. Since each is made on my Gelli Plate, each print is unique, so no two cards are alike...

 These eight sets are now on my Etsy shop for sale. The pics below shows the cards contained in some of the sets.

I have a couple Gelli Journals left - or as I like to call them - JumpStart Journals. If you have white page syndrome and need a helping hand getting your art journal pages off to a good start, you can use one of my journals with instant backgrounds. The covers on these two journals are also made of fabric I gelli printed. Gelli inside and out...

This is a claybord made using Silks acrylic glazes and bubbling it  up with a heavy duty heat gun - great texture in this piece! My ode to Jodi Ohl! 

I hope you'll check out my Etsy Shop Inky Obsessions and maybe even share the link with any friends you know are looking for a one-of-a-kind handmade gift or items for themselves. I'll be adding new items when I have them available including some canvases and collages of various sizes and shapes. Stay tuned. 

Thanks again for your support! 

Happy Arting! 



  1. Wow - Love your wine totes and cards! What a great way to use your art work.... Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello Patti,
    I truly enjoyed your videos (had many laughs along the way too!).
    Thank you for sharing your tips and creativity.
    I have just bought a Gelli plate and I saw yours is somehow glued to what appears to be an acrylic or glass sheet. Is better that way so the plate won't pull up when taking the print off.
    How did you attached it? I'm afraid of ruining mine with glue.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Christina. DO NOT glue your gelli plate. Mine is just sitting on a piece of glass I took out of a cheap picture frame. I added duck tape around the sharp edges to protect my fingers. The gelli plate just naturally sticks to the glass surface. Thanks so much for following me and I'm glad you are enjoying my videos.

  3. Oh, thank you Patti!
    Not only I have enjoyed and learned from your videos but I already bought some stencils at "IStencils" and wrote a comment regarding where I learned about them, of course...your videos!

    Many thanks again!

  4. Absolutely amazing! You're creations are real treat for the eyes. I love the combinations and interplay of colors on the totes and your other works. Those are definite recommendations! Good luck on your etsy shop.

    Eric Rotkow @ Coffee Dunn

  5. Wow how clever, who would have thought to gelli a wine tote, but I guess now everyone is gelling everything, and those gift cards are so yummy looking.

    1. Bridget, I didn't print on a wine tote, I took pictures of my prints and had them screen printed by a company on their wine totes. Thanks for stopping by.