Monday, May 5, 2014

My Latest Favorite Things...

So much for that promise to blog more often! There just are not enough hours in a day for me to do everything that I want to do and everything I have to do. So I'm just dropping in for a quick post of what I've been up to lately and what has become some new favorite things to do...

Collaged Washi Tape!!! Yes, you heard that right - collaged washi tape! Now I'm sure I didn't invent this technique, but I honestly never saw anyone making washi tape this way either. I did a UStream video and posted the recording to my YouTube Channel if you'd like to see the process in action. First, I start with another of my favorite things lately -- scrape painted deli paper (techniques also included in same video)! So easy and fun to make and useful in so many projects. Its really nice to have a stash of this stuff laying around so that you can grab a piece whenever you need it. Now that I have it, I need it more than I thought I did! Here are some pics: 

I also jumped in late (Mid-March!) to the Documented Life Project (DLP) with the Art to the 5th Group. Its a really fun project where you alter a planner of your choice, mine is the recommended Moleskine. You can learn more about the project and watch some videos at the Art5 website. Here are a few of my weekly layouts. As you can imagine I'm way behind on the weekly challenges, but I'll get there. 

 Notice the collaged washi tape in play here!!!

There's collaged washi tape all over this layout! LOVE! 

My friend Kacie is getting married the end of June. Her wedding colors are yellow and grey, so I decided to make this as a little gift for her. We had a dinner at our place for 15 girls from work to come over and celebrate with a 'bridal dinner'. She's already had a couple showers, but we just wanted to get the work group together and I had this on the table for her as the centerpiece when she walked in. This is made on a canvas board using some of Finnebair's techniques and products, along with some of my Patti Tolley Parrish stencils, some hot glue, lots and lots of Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays (and a few bad words when at the last minute I dropped a paint brush on the groom's face and gave him a goutee!). That has since been fixed with a new pic added over my little boo-boo! I recorded the process on Ustream and uploaded it to YouTube, however, there were issues with Ustream that night and only the first and last 30 segments actually recorded. ;o(

I hope you enjoyed all the pics. Please subscribe to my YouTube and Ustream channels to keep up on my projects. I try to do a recording of any new process or project that I play with so everyone can watch it at their own pace. Another great place to keep up with everything Inky Obsessions is my FaceBook art page. I post everything I'm doing that's art related on my art FB page first.  

Happy Arting, 



  1. Patty, it's excellent. I've been watching the channel on your yutyube and what you are doing - it's inspiring. Some things that you have inspired me, I sent Shannon Greene (you know it). She was delighted. So thank you very much. Get inspired and inspiring!

    1. I'm sure Shannon loved your happy mail. Thanks so much for keeping up with my videos and postings! More to come so stay tuned!

  2. Love your projects and haring your stories ......funny about your boo-boo. Finally got to use a few of your stencils! Love them!

    1. Oh cool, thanks so much for getting some of my stencils to play with. I have a new product in the works that will work nicely with the stencils, so stay tuned!

    2. Love your tut, love your stencils, love your DLP spreads! I saw Ingrid's post and had to pop over. I'm soooo glad that I did! ♥

    3. Terri, Ingrid's work is awesome and she's such a sweet person. I've taken a couple of her classes and hope to take more one day. Thanks for the note.