Friday, July 17, 2015

#LOVESUMMERART -- Creative Tube Nation

Hey Everybody, 

BIG things happening on YouTube. The arts and crafts community is coming together to make it easier for you as content viewers to find more of the videos you love and discover new artists you may have never seen before. All with the help of a little ole #. This little symbol is very powerful when used in the right way in this online world of ours. All you need to do is go to YouTube and in the search box at the top of the page, enter #lovesummerart and hit enter, then watch the magic happen. More and more videos are being added between today and 20 July using this hashtag. Viewers will discover new artists, more techniques and styles, more mediums, more more more!

Cinnamon Cooney, theartsherpa on YouTube came up with this idea and now we have over 250 YouTube art content providers banning together to drive the success of #lovesummerart. This won't be the last # though. We are planning on possibly a new # each month. And remember, there is no expiration on a hashtag. Once its used and the videos are tagged with this # they will live forever on YouTube. So there's no rush, you can view at your leisure, but just know that this little symbol will be your friend going forward. We are trying to start an art revolution on YouTube. Won't you come along for the ride? 

Most of you probably know my YouTube Channel -- Patti Tolley Parrish. Please check out my contribution to #lovesummerart with the video I released today. Here are pics of my project -- I did a mixed media collage that I cut up for ATCs. I loved how this came out and hated to cut it up, but...

 (My personal favorite)

So stay tuned my friends. Much more arty goodness is in the works. 

I would greatly appreciate you sharing the #lovesummerart with your art friends so we can reach more viewers than ever before. 

Creative Tube Nation -- here we come! 

Happy Arting, 



  1. Love it Patti! Awesome color combo with those pops of B&W.
    take care and STAY POSITIVE!

  2. Haven't watched the video yet...was not loading correctly! Hope it was because everyone in the world was watching all at once! Love these cards #lovesummerart!

    1. Hope you've been able to view the video since this message Vicki. Its playing ok for me. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Thanks for the shout out! So much content can't keep up. Peace - Maricha TheJunkingDataGirl.

  4. Patti' wanted to let you know that I found the Mosaic book on Amazon and I think I paid 19.00. There were lots more available and way less than 100.00. Just so you can let people know.

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